Sunday, February 22, 2009


ramai soh aku upload gambar motor2 dalam blog..hari nih akan aku amek gambar and post kat blog ni...tapi wan guna vespa buat masa skang..perlukah???

aku baca blog paiz parman..dia ada post sikit2 gambar motor..nanti aku ipload lagi..hehehehe..petang nih aku amek gambar...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

from xcd to Avenger

well, ts is a story about my friend who used to use bajaj xcd 125 cc bike, now is trying to move to another style of riding, chopper-like riding skill i supposed..hahaha..

well his bike by the nick name of 'zabedah' is successfully sold to another friend, zamir and he only puts 33k rupees for his bike...pretty reasonable i guess..coz the brand new xcd will cost u around 47k rupees and when we look how was wan taking care of his 1 year 0ld bike, and it absolutely a best price la...

his plan on turning to chopper-like riding skill, bajaj avenger 200cc will cost him around 75k rupees...well we'll see...after a long period of time, finally he is getting his new fresh look will be more pleasure to him for a long journey we go!

bajaj xcd 125 cc

bajaj avenger 200 cc

p/s : new xcd sprint had been released here in bangalore...

just xcd sprint 125 cc

welcome to MBBS

well, this is the blog meant for everybody to share and discuss any is the first "underground" club which had been organized by the students of IMS..this is not my blog, it is everyone's, so if u want to join just become the member of the team..

the first plan of this club is a journey to manipal..if u guys wanna join, just inform and let us know..we can discuss further about this..

we are medical students, studying in bangalore but we dont have any entertainment, no club, no game, no this club, at least we can do something better, something different..manalah tahu nanti banyak lagi kelab yg akan taklah bosan sangat kiter kat india ni...

now the malaysian population in bangalore has increased to around 400 students, and some of us never know each other yet, so u guys are welcomed to share and discuss anything related to the club..

so if u guys want to share something about ur bike, or wanna sell, or wanna buy one someday and try to ask for the specs and which one is better, just post it here, lots of members know about bike, and they will share with not a good person to discuss with, but as i said, there are plenty of them who can tell u better :)..

so join this club, at least IMS has a club and it is the first club to be organized by medical students here..

haa one more, regardless of wat type of bike u r using, how many cc and how much it costs, u guys are welcomed to enjoy the club..

maybe we can do something better after this


tepok la sikit..penat aku pikir nak wat logo nih semangat..dahla semangat terlebih

p/s : this idea had been contributed by wan who was the one who came out with this idea of having a club even though he just uses bajaj xcd 125 cc...anyway, boleh la tuh..motor gak...walaupun norman selalu kata tuh motor delivery untuk kedai day fresh..hahaha